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The PERFECT Kitchen Decor

Pay no mind to the bowl of mac & cheese; this is not the recipe you are not looking for.

My kiddos are totally thrilled that I'm on a quest for the perfect saucy mac & cheese. This recipe was fine, but I'm still tinkering. It's missing depth. Or something.

Anyway... check out the uber cute framed pics. I moved into our new house 2 years ago, and I must confess that I went a little cra-cra on, ordering throw pillow covers, some pictures, etc. And then I just stopped. Or rather, my budget stopped. So these darling prints sat in my closet for 2 years, forgotten, even when I had money again for the frames. But this summer I created a list of all the tasks I wanted to accomplish,and framing my fork/knife/spoon letters AND hanging them up was on the list. This list was gorgeous, gorgeous, I tell you. In fact, I have one last to-do, and one last day of summer to finish it. I love checking items off a list. I think I'll have to mix a cocktail and make a ceremony out of tomorrow's finah check!

Again, anyway... I bought these prints from Pixie Pixels on I remember the shop owner was super helpful. She has a ton of prints to choose from, stuff for the kitchen (her print of the macarons is so winsome, I may have to order it today), botanicals, wood-life - her creativity goes on and on.

Next up on the blog: I thought we would celebrate going back to school by talking about books, bookmarks, and favorite pens!

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