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It's a Lame T-shirt Fix!

Meet my friend, Ann, DIY Maven Extraordinaire! Whenever Ann sees cool decor or art in a magazine, she thinks, "I can do that." As opposed to me. I think, "I wonder where I can buy that."

See the cute shirt Ann is wearing? In its former life it was but a lame, gimme corporate handout. But Ann transformed it into Über-Adorableness, and today she's doing to show me how to do the same. Now, I'm starting out a bit behind because I KonMari-ed my closet a couple months back and got rid of all the t-shirts I wasn't using. See, I don't look at an ugly t-shirt and wonder about the possibilities. And so I went out and paid for a boring t-shirt, all for you, Gentle Readers, all for you, so no regrets.

Ann has a t-shirt from her dog and cat rescue organization Westbury Care; of course she does because she's not only crafty but has a big heart, and so here's a quick plug for this group: Westbury Care has lately been inundated with pets due to the flooding; if you're thinking of getting a pet, think resue and check out their site.

I have a t-shirt from some store. It will cover my Jesus-loving heart.

Cut the sleeves off. Cut the neck off. Cut the bottom hem off. Then fold the front flap towards you. And then fold the bottom edge back towards the shirt. Pin it and start sewing. Ann and I both own a sewing machine, and both of us keep them in a box in the back of the closet. Ann reasoned that in the time it would take to dig the machine out and set it up, we could sew it by hand. Sew right. Sorry, terrible pun; crafty projects make me a little giddy. Once you've sewn the front, sew the back. When you finish, you should have 2 tunnels of shirt that you are going to run the cut off bottom hem of the t-shirt through. So take that big loop of bottom hem and cut it, so it's now a long ribbon of bottom hem. Are you wondering how you're going to scrunch up the fabric and push it through? Check out this cleverness:

Ann takes a bobbypin and just rams a hole in the fabric and with the bobbypin leading, you can pull the bottom hem through the 2 tunnels.

Ta-Da! Cute shirts! And you are not limited to bottom hem. Oh no, you can use ribbon or braided rope. For little girls, there's definitely room for big bows on shoulders to match big bows in hair.

I'm actually looking forward to the next company team-building event commemorative tee!

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