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Relaxing Faves for Summer Days

Welcome the lazy days of summer with this week’s relaxing Favorite Things.

A Feel-Good Workout

Ever go to yoga class and feel less than zen as you try to contort your bod into the seemingly effortless poses of the instructor? Ever feel self-conscious in a room full of practiced yoginis? Or maybe you’ve tried to ramp up your practice by following videos at home, only to become frustrated as you try to simultaneously lose yourself in the yoga flow – while constantly checking the screen to make sure you’re doing it right.

Well, Yoga with Adriene is here to solve all your woes. I absolutely love these yoga instructional videos, taught by Austin yoga instructor and theatre artist, Adriene.

"Find what feels good” is her motto, and her laidback vibe and gentle demeanor will relieve the stress for those anxious types, like me, who focus too much on “getting it right”. Best of all, Adriene is an excellent teacher, and her instruction is so clear and easy to follow, you don’t feel the need to constantly watch the screen, so you can truly go with the flow.

Texas Wildflowers

Whenever I’m feeling a little stressed at work I take a walk around the gray, rectangular dreariness that is my office complex. It’s situated on the outskirts of Austin and located conveniently near…well, nothing very interesting. But being out in the middle of nowhere has its perks, because come spring, the fields around the parking lot are bursting with gorgeous, Texas wildflowers. They totally lift my mood and I no longer miss my trendy downtown digs of days past. Want some of your own? You can buy a mix of southern wildflower seeds here.

Blooming Bottles

Again with the flowers, I found these gorgeous, blown-glass wine stoppers at Michaels. I got two: red for cabs or shirazes and sunny yellow for when I’m in a more pinot grigio mood. At only $5, they make great gifts! Sure, you can walk into that party with a bottle of wine like everybody else. OR, you can give your host a gift with a little extra panache, and a sweet summer memento.

Keep it Cool

And when it comes to pants, sometimes I like ones that don’t even feel like pants. These distressed boyfriend jeans by Vigoss are soooo comfortable, and super cute to boot. I got mine at Nordstrom Rack, but you can find them online as well. They don’t squish or slide down, they just hang out, making every outfit cooler just by being there. They are the Matthew McConaughey of pants. (Okay, maybe they slide down a little, but not as bad as some). I recommend you get a pair.

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