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Bon Voyage, Mon Ami and Reflections on a Secret Self

A co-worker of mine just left for greener pastures, and I wanted to get her a little goodbye gift. I put together this arrangement of colorful office supplies in eye-catching graphics to brighten up her new desk.

I found everything at Michaels. I think I’m going to have to confess something, dear reader. I never thought I was one of those crafty-type ladies who hangs out at Michaels, but it would appear from several blog posts, that I just might be. I’m still grappling with this revelation. You see, my blog is where a very specific side of me comes out. I call it the Pinterest Me, something like the softer side of Vim. Sure, by day I’m a marketing professional, negotiating ROI, and by night I’m an actor and producer of ground-breaking theatre. But sometimes I just like to wander around Michaels and imagine themed gift baskets...ponder faux-floral arrangements…or maybe bake a cake shaped like an alligator for a friend's birthday… or make my own Christmas wreath… or make 12 Christmas wreaths as presents (note: people are not as jazzed to receive a wreath as you might think)…or decide I’m going to crochet an afghan for the 3rd time before I remember, again, that I always get too bored to even finish a scarf. And I guess that’s okay too.

Anyhoodle, all these delightful objet d’office came from Michaels, many of them from the Sabrina Soto collection, and if you need to perk up your desk, they might be just the thing.

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