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A Righteously-Shopped Look of the Week

This has become my favorite shirt! (Or "top" if you're from Dallas). And, once again, Modcloth! It's called Always the Fun One - how fun is that? In addition to Modcloth's divertingly named clothes, they offer terrific customer service. And I'm pleased with the quality of the shirt - the drape and construction are excellent.

I've paired the tank with a pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans! Gah! I can hardly believe it. Next thing you know I'll be praising a jumpsuit. But I got these jeans from Stitch Fix, and I really liked them in spite of myself. Do you know Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix selects clothes and mails them to you. It's like passive shopping - "What do you think I'll like? Ooh, I like that. But not that, so I'll mail it back in a pre-paid envelope. Send me another gifty next month." See? Fun!

Now, here's the righteous part: check out the necklace. Not only is it beautiful and well made, but it's also Fair Trade, made by artisans in India. A friend of mine who always wears gorgeous, unusual jewelery and carries gorgeous, unusual bags told me about Noonday Collection. This company sells jewelry and accessories made by artisans in vulnerable communities around the world. Not only that, but they also offer no-interest loans and training for these entrepreneurs as well as school scholarships for these artisans' children. And, AND, a percentage of Adoption Trunk Shows are donated to help families who are adopting. I've lost track of how many wins that is. For sure it's A LOT!

To recap:

Modcloth - great clothes with great names

Stitch Fix - fun without trying

Noonday Collection - virtuous shopping

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