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Nature at Work

On those days when you're feeling completely uninspired by your closet, yet still inexplicably motivated to look cute at the office (society...grrr!) you can do what I do, and fake it with accessories! No one will know! Pin your entire look on a statement necklace or snazz things up with a fab bracelet and earrings, and take note as no one notices that you are wearing a plain old t-shirt dress you've had for 10 years with your most comfortable shoes. (Cough) Not that that's what I'm doing here. This is clearly a stylish and professional lady-person.

On this overcast morning, I took my decidedly cloudy brain and fixed it on this necklace. Ah good, a starting point. I love the natural beauty of this ammonite, fresh-water pearl and black agate necklace. I got it for a steal at Liquidation Channel, and it goes perfectly with my wood and pearl bead hoops.

Both pieces are eye-catching enough that any other sartorial cleverness would be overkill. So I grab the most basic black dress in my closet, and I'm done.

In all seriousness, some of my more successful looks are pairing simple neutrals with unique jewelry combinations. On reflection, I feel like wedges would have been a better call for this outfit, but oh well.

Caption: This person is not really awake and will not know if this outfit is cute or not till about noon.

Photo added because Bustle thinks it's cute - despite the terror that has clearly visited my bangs.


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