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Touching the Future and Looking Good

This is my uber cute co-worker, Ms. Kristen, who teaches Kindergarten with all the energy, love, and dedication you could hope a Kindergarten teacher to have. And, be amazed, this is Ms. Kristen, AT THE END OF THE DAY!!!

I don't know the last time you spent an entire day with a class full of precious Kindergarten yahoos, but it is exhausting. I took this photo after carpool, and she still looks good!

Kind of reminiscent of Vim's black skirt/top/denium ensemble, Kristen has paired her denium jacket with a pretty peasant dress and Roman sandals. The dress was purchased at the Palmilla in Cabo. You should totally make your reservation now!

But if that not an option, or you just can't wait that long to buy a pretty white summer dress, Old Navy is selling a crochet lace maxi that is lovely and on sale.

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