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Boho Chic is Look of the Week

I wish I had coined this term, but I did not. I bought this on Modcloth. Its name is Cute and Confident. I love how Modcloth names its merchandice. It's like OPI had a baby who struck out on its own. So far this spring, I've also purchased Where Are You Flowing top, Istan-bowls and a book called Raising Unicorns. I have a lot of friends who get lost on Pinterest, but Modcloth is where I can while away the hours. Check it out for clothes, home decor and great gifts. My sweet husband is getting book of cocktails called Tequila Mockingbird!

This top is lacy and topped over a cami. I paired it with skinny jeans and my Calisto sandals (sandals not shown - this photo is courtesy of Younger Son, and he's doing his best.) I wore this to a casual dinner party with cowboy boots. For work, I will wear a cute cardigan - Dream of the Crop Cardigan, also from Modcloth.

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