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Present-ation: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Stumped for ideas to wow Mom this Mother's Day? Don't worry, Bustle and Vim have got your back!

Presentation: it's not everything, but....

If you're looking to make an impression, presentation counts. And one easy way to take it to the next level is a beautifully assembled gift basket. Way better than a gift bag! Bustle blanched when I suggested this, but I promise you won't need etsy-level crafting skills. Breathe easy.

I made this basket for my Mom's birthday. It's in April, so it's sort of like I get two chances at Mother's Day in a row. I think I did pretty well on this first run. Take a sturdy wicker basket and weave in (or hot glue) delicate flowers around the rim, or as an accent on one side. It only takes minutes, and after the gifts are unwrapped, Mom has a gorgeous new basket she can use to store magazines, books, or any miscellaneous odds and ends around the house in style. I got this great basket at Michael's on sale for only $5. Baskets can be expensive, so I grabbed a few at this particular sale. "Winter is coming", as they say, and with it, the holidays. And you can bet those baskets won't be on sale then, Jon Snow.

There are different ways to go with baskets, the main thing to remember is to have some kind of connection between all the items. You can get gifts that all fit into a specific activity or theme (gardening, bath stuff, etc.), tie it all together visually with a color scheme, or use a visual pattern (flowers, vines, polka dots, I don't care, go crazy).

I struggled to stay in my planned color scheme as I accumulated items. I couldn't find flowers or wrapping paper that cooperated with my original idea, so I ended up going with a floral theme in a loose color scheme tied together (barely) with yellow and pale green. But see what I mean? Even if everything doesn't come together perfectly, with a beautiful basket, you still come out smelling like a rose.

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