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Mayday's Friday Faves

This is my scruff pup, Lyka. For sure she is part terrier. You can't tell in this photo, but her legs are crazy long. So that, coupled with her color pattern makes us think she is also part some-kind-of Alaskan breed. What I'm saying here is, she is all the energy of a terrier and all the strength of a sled dog. Fan-bloody-tastic! I like this dog, I really do, but walking her is just awful. For one thing, we live in an older Houston neighborhood. I think realtors like to talk about the mature trees, but that's just code for SQUIRRELS! And Lyka likee! But the days of my arm being pulled out of its socket are over! I bought this Gentle Lead collar from Amazon. Would it sound too dramatic to say that this new leash has changed my life? (a new leash on life - that's for you, Mr. Vim!) Basically, it allows you to lead your dog by her head instead of her neck. The leash comes with instructions that are pretty easy to follow, and it costs less than $12.

Next up is my new favorite lip color. The liner is made by Rimmel, and the color is Rose Quartz. Rimmel can be purchased at Target, HEB, Walgreens. I bought mine at Ulta because they were holding a BOGO 50% off deal. But the real treat here is the gloss, Baume du Sourire, also purchased at Ulta. There are 3 flavors: orange, mint, and pear. The pear smells delicious. I'm not a gloss girl, AT ALL. It's sticky, and then the wind blows, and my hair sticks to my lip, and I just look a mess. A mess with a moustache. But maybe because this is actually a lip balm that makes your lips shiny is why this is such a fave. And it really does stay on your lips, keeping them moisturized, for a couple of hours. I apply mine over lip liners.

"Miss, did you buy your shoes in Spain?" "No, Precious1st grade Girl, I did not. Why do you ask?" "Cause I have some shoes like that, and I got them in Spain." "Well, I got these on-line at

Old Navy." 30% off, too! They are super comfy, and apparently allow me to impress the world travelling younger set.

Finally, I really like this blog post from Dallas City Moms Blog about the capsule wardrobe.

I'm just fascinated at the idea of such a small amount of clothes on purpose. I first read about this in Jennifer L. Scott's book Lessons From Madame Chic. Check out her blog Daily Connoisseur. Not ready to take this big closet step, but I like reading about it.

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