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And in Favorites News...

I love these!!!! On days when my hair looks awful, I twist it round and round and insert one of these Spin Pins on the top and one on the bottom. They hold my bun all day.

I should disclose (disclaim?) my hair type. My hair is fine and curly. Goody has made a new bun holder (For the Messy Bun look!) that is called the Spiral. I'm sure my next trip to Target, CVS, Walgreens or HEB will result in its purchase, as it is under $5. And because I cannot do a messy bun to save my life.

And I love these!!! These sandals are called Callisto of California, and I purchased them at Nordstrom. 6 colors to choose from - black patent, nude patent, turquoise pantent, coral, again pantent, leopard and gold snake skin. The wedge heel is cork. I have pretty narrow feet, but my co-workers do not, and they all tried on these shoes today. So, so comfortable. I brought extra shoes to work, just in case, but there was no need. First Day, All Day.

Finally, The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith. Yes, I know that's a pseudonym for J.K. Rowling, but if she wants to use another name for this series, I will, too. Really, it's for the best, because this book is gritty, and I don't need to be explaining to my kids why they can't read their favorite author. Cuckoo and the sequel, The Silkworm follow private eye Cormoran Strike, a former British military detective. I'm not sure if I would like to have lunch with this character, but I love reading about him. He's got all kinds of issues that span the books, but he's smart and capable. And he's employed a terrific assistant, Robin, who is also more complex than most assistants are written (BOO-YEH to all the complex assistants out there). The perfect mix of British mystery and rich character development, this is a great series.

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