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Friday's Favorite Five

Cue Julie Andrews! Or dear, dear Lady Gaga - These are a few of my favorite things...

First on my list is Harney & Sons Fine Teas. Not only do they carry multiple versions of Earl Grey (again, a favorite), but they have a huge variety of other black, green, herbal and flavored teas as well. And the tin!!!! I don't know what I'm going to store in this darling tin yet, but I'll think of something. You can buy directly from the website,, or Amazon or Target.

Next is this rockin' Neo Victorian tea pot in day-glow yellow. I purchased it at www.CB2 for $14.95, and I just love it. Incidentally, this tea pot became a great object lesson for Older Son, who is trying to be funny all the time. His father was explaining that humor is like the color yellow, which is a great color, but a little goes a long way. "Look around this kitchen, Older, what do you see that's yellow?" "Mom's teapot." "That's right. And that's it."

3rd and 4th on the List of Great Finds is this skin care line 29 by Lydia Mondavi. Grape Seed oil figures prominently in these products because grape seeds are the natural by-product of the Mondavi family wine business, so they might as well put them to use. The thought is that there are a lot of anti-oxidants in the grape seeds, and who doesn't want more anti-oxidants??? I love how the cleanser and serum extract smell, and my skin really does feel smooth after using them.

And finally, Miss Meringue's Meringue Cookies. The Belgian chocolate is my favorite flavor. 5 cookies for 110 calories! My knitty friend, Ms. D, makes homemade meringues, and they are tasty, but they take a long, long time. Whereas, I can drive to H.E.B and pick these up for $2.49 in under 15 minutes. These cookies are delicious.

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