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Lace with an Edge: Look of the Week

You will have to excuse our selfie game, as we try to figure out the best way to bring these looks to you. We don't currently have the time/means for a professional photo shoot, so in the meantime, keep in mind that however cute we look - we looked way cuter in real life.

Here's an outfit that earned a lot of raves lately. I don't usually dress up too much for work as it's fairly casual, but I had a meeting that day. So behold, business casual Vim:

Boxy, white lace top - Forever21 (don't judge)

Black knit, coated pencil skirt - aslo, hee, Forever21

Black Clarks shooties

Rose gold and white leather Anne Klein watch

Pearl and gold earrings

The top was a real find. It looks much more expensive than it was. I don't usually go in for cropped, boxy tops as I'm short-waisted, but this one flows well and when worn with a fitted, high-waisted skirt was very flattering and didn't show any skin. The skirt is coated, which made for nice, slightly edgy pairing with the very feminine top.

Buying Options:

Watches: Anne Klein (currently unavailable), Kenneth Cole

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