June 9, 2018

Isn't that a dramatic title?  The End of an Era...  what era, you might ask?  Well, it's one of my eras, in fact.  Younger, my youngest son, finished 5th grade a week ago.  I refuse to say graduate.  5th Grade Graduation.  That is absurd.  The only event more ridiculous is graduation from pre-school.  Let's save the word graduate for something bigger.

And yet, and yet.  The en...

May 15, 2018

Younger joined the Scouts this Spring.  I was thinking next year, but apparently that means Spring in Boy Scout-ese.  He's been wanting to do this for years.  I'm a terrible mom - I didn't let him join during his elementary school years.  Older had been a Cub Scout and had not enjoyed it because after being in school all day, now he was spending the evening sitting quietly while adults talked.  Plus, it just seemed...

April 13, 2018

Naomi Alderman's The Power has been sitting on my bookshelf since Christmas.  My husband bought it for me.  It was bundled with Jesmyn Ward's Sing Unburied Sing; I think I reviewed this book in an  earlier post as "excellent" and "horrifying."  Which probably discounts me from ever getting to write a blurb on someone's book jacket.

Anyway, I started reading The Power this week.  I'm not finished, but...

February 12, 2017

Well, it's been an impressive gap of time since my last post.  I wonder what I've been doing for the past month.  Running secret missions to exotic parts of the world?  Looking ravishing in a collection of gorgeous scarves while conducting secret tete a tetes with Very Important People?  Cooking up a storm of casseroles and crock pot meals and filling  my freezer in case of apocalypse? 


July 17, 2016

Well, the world has been awful lately.  Frankly, it's put my own 1st world anxieties and problems in proper perspective, like, I'm lucky to have the problems I have.  But here's the thing: have you noticed that even when you realize that your problems are on the piddly side, they are still your problems and you have to deal with them?

Gather round, me Gentle Readers, and let me tell you a tale, a tale of a mous...

October 31, 2015

My original title for the post was How to Throw the Perfect Halloween Party!  And then I thought, "Too magazine-y.  Why don't I just include How to Lose 10 lbs. Eating Halloween Candy Sprinkled with Stevia while I'm at it?"  And while I'm a competant, fairly confident Halloween hostess, perfect may be stretching my party cred too thin.  Hey - Can I lost weight if I stretch my cred?  

Ok, back to...

June 10, 2015

Last week I baked a loaf of banana bread for a friend of mine who had had surgery.   Older son wandered into the kitchen as I was taking this heavenly loaf out of the oven.  "Hey, Mom, can we bake some banana bread for us?"  And because it was 8:00 at night, I said no.  

"But Mom, we only have so many years left to do these things together.  And one day you'll wake up old and alone, and you'll say to...

March 21, 2015

Easter 2010.  When my boys were small, and I still chose their clothes.  I don't want to offend my smocking-loving sisters, but I always prided myself on dressing my boys like little men.

 I'm lost in thought staring at these photos.  My sons are five years older and five years bigger, and it just boggles my mind, and if I'm being really honest, hurts my heart, just a little, tiny bit.   Anyway, (I ca...

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