April 8, 2020

I'm so looking forward to my sons' next check-up and answering that question, "How often do you eat together as a family?" with "ALL THE TIME!"

As we were suppering earlier this week, my husband started making a list of what we were going to eat  in the coming days.  Husband is very conscientious of what leftovers are still in the fridge, what's been cooked and frozen for later, what's not cooked in the freezer, etc...

I keep calling our current Shelter in Place situation by the wrong name; I find myself saying House Arrest.

What a treat I have for you today!  My dear friend, Angela Bell, is guest blogging.  Angela is a professor of American history, specializing in Antebellum Religious History, which has led to some truly eye opening discussions over lunch (I had no idea about the Oneida Community; I thought they just made cutler...

March 25, 2020

Well, Gentle Readers, these are hard times.

Last week was my official Spring Break.  It started breaking down after Monday, what with college visits needing to be cancelled and restaurants closing.   And now, like many of you, I am home.

Until I go to the grocery store.  And stare at the empty shelves where flour and yeast used to be.  Has everyone decided that in Hard Times, they must now bake their own br...

February 23, 2020

Kate Racculia.  Like, a raccoon.  Named Julia.  I wonder if Ms. Racculia says something like this every time she's asked to repeat or spell her last name.  Does she ever sigh and murmur, "Just read my books"?

Years ago I read her second novel, The Bellweather Rhapsody, and I loved it.  Imagine hundreds of band, orchestra and choir students all converging onto one hotel for an annual high school musica...

February 2, 2020

I have been making trips to New Orleans with my family my whole life, so it is with some authority that I tell you: Do not visit New Orleans in the summer!  It is positively ungodly hot.

The perfect time is in the Fall.  Or the day after Christmas.  But you have to leave before Sugar Bowl, before the prices skyrocket.  You will notice really huge young men wandering the French Quarter on your last day.  Spring is lo...

December 21, 2019

Merry Christmas, dear readers!  I hope you all get some quiet time this season to rest, reflect and enjoy.  For me, that rest and reflection time begins when school ends.  Santa Claus came to my preschool first thing in the morning this year.  And so did all the mommies.  And when they left 45 minutes later, and my wee preschoolers realized that they still had a whole day at school and were not leaving with said mo...

November 23, 2019

It only takes one day of Sweater Weather for me to yearn in earnest for soup.  And this year,  just as I was midst yearn, my friend, and intrepid B&V reader, Erin, tells me about a new soup she's making for her Noonday party.

So, per our new rules, I'll write out recipe details, including a printable version, and then I'll get to photos, plus a long discussion of my feelings whilst I made this soup.


October 29, 2019

Please note: Dear Readers, that my phone is currently on the fritz, and I would love to show you actual pictures of myself, but am temporarily, technologically stymied. 

I will admit that I’m normally a little skeptical about the suggestions the Sephora folks throw at me when I visit their fine establishment.  No shade to these makeup aficionados, but I’m usually looking for skincare solutions, and have a lot more i...

October 12, 2019

It is Fall, Y'all!  

And by that, I mean the weather has dipped gloriously below 80 degrees!  Never mind that it will only last 2 days before seizing up again, we are enjoying it!

And in preparation, I've been trying on sweaters. So, for your consideration: *

                                   Black cardigan

Check out this black c...

September 11, 2019

 It has been a good month for reading, so let's get started!

To me, nothing says summer like a Mary Kay Andrews book.  And since it will feel like summer for another two months, you are not late AT ALL if you decide to read one of her books right now!   Mary Kay's books always take place in the South, maybe on an island off the coast of Georgia, or in Atlanta.  There is always a struggle facing our Southern heroine,...

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